Thursday, January 2, 2014


A fish is an expert at swimming.  A bird is an expert at flying.  A Realtor is an expert at buying/selling homes.  The internet has the world believing they are experts at everything. The Do-It-Yourself era has made people forget the need for experts. You wouldn't cut your own hair or perform your own surgery. You’d have the job done by a professional. So when it comes to real estate, there are many reasons to hire a professional.  Some benefits include but are not limited to:
  • They provide and assist with the legal paper work necessary. Disclosures, legal forms, contracts and laws that must be followed to avoid lawsuits frequent in the real estate industry. A Realtor is insured to protect against errors and omissions.
  • They are educated and experienced in the entire sales process.  They view homes every day so they can easily determine market value. Preventing sellers from over pricing due to sentimental value and sitting on the market, and buyers from purchasing an overpriced property.
  • They act as a buffer between all parties in negotiations.  Sellers want top dollar.  Buyers want to pay the lowest price possible.  A professional Realtor helps the two come to a compromise so all parties walk away satisfied.
  •  They get your home maximum exposure.  From lawn signs, inter- office promoting, multiple listing service, and many other powerful tools available to Realtors.
  • They screen the tire kickers.  A Realtor pre-qualifies a buyer before showing them homes. They have a copy of their ID and know their financial status.  Selling your own home subjects you to endless calls and unannounced visits.  

A real estate sales professional is paid solely based on their efforts, so they only get paid once the job is complete.  Getting the job done to your satisfaction is the main objective. If the deal doesn't close no one is happy.  Why not leave the hard work for the professionals

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